douglasolyons | aerial photographic solutions

Disruptive. It’s the best way to describe the drone revolution. Photography that once required a crane or a helicopter can be done more safely, more quickly, and more cost effectively with a drone. From sweeping vistas of outdoor events to roof and masonry inspections, today’s aerial photography is accomplished with feet safely on the ground. And everything is captured in stunning high definition, ready for immediate review.

Anyone can put a drone in the air as a hobbyist, but for any commercial application, you’ll need a licensed operator. I’m an experienced FAA Part 107 certified and insured commercial drone operator serving the New England area. I have extensive experience with wedding coverage, commercial real estate, and marketing and advertising content for clients ranging from the Massachusetts Horticultural Society to SunBug Solar. You can be guaranteed I will approach your needs and the flight thoughtfully, with the safety of people and property at the forefront. I handle all scouting for airspace restrictions, and apply for any needed authorization or waivers, if needed, to eliminate risk to you. Whether it’s capturing unique images of your wedding day, supplementing traditional real estate imagery, or even getting a few shots of your roof for an insurance claim, douglasolyons | Aerial Photographic Solutions is ready to meet your needs with an elevated perspective.


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