douglasolyons | aerial photographic solutions

Disruptive. It’s the best way to describe drones and their application. Photography that once required a crane or a helicopter can be done more safely, more quickly, and more cost effectively with a drone. From sweeping vistas to roof and masonry inspections, today’s aerial photography is accomplished with feet safely on the ground.

Anyone can put a drone in the air as a hobbyist, but for any commercial application, you’ll need a licensed professional. I’m an FAA Part 107 certified and insured drone operator serving the New England area. I deliver aerial photo, video, and mapping content to clients in commercial and residential real estate, solar energy, and horticulture. I also capture unique aerial portraiture and wedding coverage.

Your project, and the flight itself, is always approached thoughtfully, with the safety of people and property at the forefront. I handle all scouting for airspace restrictions, and apply for any needed authorization or waivers, if needed. 

douglasolyons | aerial photographic solutions is ready to meet your needs with an elevated perspective.


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